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The Passion and Purpose

I want women and girls to look in the mirror, LOVE exactly what they see, know their worth, and go out into the world with confidence to pursue their dreams.

I help women shift their mindset around health & fitness and say screw society’s unrealistic beauty standards. I believe that being in control of your body’s health & physique empowers you to walk with more confidence, speak up for what you believe in, go after your goals & dreams and do epic sh*t you were put on this earth to do!

I am a certified personal trainer, group fitness instructor, holding a Masters degree in Sociology with a focus in women’s health & gender studies.

My passion has always been empowering women, discussing social issues, and questioning the beauty standards and objectification of the female body.

And when I found myself 50 pounds overweight, eating fast-food 2x a day and drinking 6 pops a day, I knew I had to make a change. That change led me to finding a way to make fitness fun, helping thousands of women transform their health & mindset, and combine my passion for female empowerment & fitness.

Individually we are strong, together, we are Pretty POWERful!